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cricketWeb™ is a user-friendly application that helps cricket leagues and clubs own and manage a website to communicate with members more efficiently. Leagues and clubs can use cricketWeb to generate and share valuable and timely information with members, manage administration and promote themselves on the web.

Use cricketWeb™ to share valuable information with members including weekly match results, league tables, fixtures, directions to grounds and news of up and coming events. Your members will be able to access club and league information 24 hours a day.

Committee members can use the cricketWeb™ application offline to manage time consuming tasks like maintaining league tables and calculating player statistics. You can have multiple users accessing cricketWeb; enabling you to share administrative tasks and reduce the time spent distributing information to members. Being able to work offline gives you the opportunity to make large changes a little at a time and check your changes before they are displayed online. You no longer have to rely on individual’s filing systems as all of your information is stored in the one place and is accessible to all committee members at any time.

cricketWeb™ enables leagues and clubs to attract members to their website soon after launch and regularly by ensuring a high level of brand personalisation, ease of navigation and full ownership and discretion over the information displayed. Your website will be memorable and easily accessible to members through your own domain name and the strong presence of your league/club colours and logos. Consider featuring your own sponsors and advertisers on your homepage to help raise revenue for your club or league.

cricketWeb™ is easy to use and email and telephone support is provided to help get you started and continue to use the application. To learn more about cricketWeb please browse our website, view our demo's or contact us for further information.

Enter your league or club information into cricketWeb ™

The information you enter will automatically be formatted and published as your own ‘branded’ league or club website

Continue to update and change your website by updating the information in cricketWeb ™
Changes are reflected on your live website as soon as you choose to upload the new information


updating your site is much faster as new information will upload to your site in seconds. Users will find navigating your site much easier.

access to cricketWeb™ can be provided to more than one person so that you can share the administration tasks of updating your website.

use cricketWeb’s™ new graphic template to host your club/league colours and logo. You will achieve a professional looking site that clearly displays your club/league brand and that can be easily maintained and updated by you.

an installation CDROM with step-by-step instructions makes installation on multiple users computers simple. cricketWeb™ can be up and running for each user in minutes and your club league website need only be hours away.
cricketWeb™ is now accessible behind a firewall which means it can be accessed from computers which restrict access to external FTP sites.